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Certified Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer, Women's Grace , Spiritual Coach and Empowerment Leader, Priestess Julia Jovone founded Julia Jovone Studio in 2015 in Los Angeles, California with new location in New York City, which offers full service Intuitive Reiki Sessions, energy healing, breath-work and spiritual life coaching to clients globally.

As an empowering woman, Priestess Julia, like many woman wear many hats. "it is very important to teach other women the importance of self-care, healing and getting to know your highest self," according to Priestess Julia. She represents an underrepresented number of black women pioneering the practice of healing across the globe. Her personal mission is to continue to educate and empower women. As a Reiki Master Teacher, she empowers upcoming practitioners by teaching Reiki first, second and third degree levels. 

Priestess Julia teaches that as humans, we must take care of the inside of our bodies in order for the outside to glow. Working with her clients to create a new mind state forming new habits and integrate stronger beliefs that are perfectly designed to take you where we want to be.

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Guiding you closer to your authentic self, Every aspect of your life, the people you are associated with, your career, relationships, including the past, present and future, becomes highlighted with clear perspective and intuitive insights. This session will bring clarity, understanding and an amazing amount of inspiration and motivation to help you on your journey. 

Zen Stones

Soul Rejuvenation is where I can combine all of my gifts into one unique session, guiding you towards living your harmonious life. Intuitive healing, breathe work, meditation, Reiki healing, sound healing, body movement with essential oil to skin also included. Together, they cultivate a transformative and nourishing empowering experience to help heal and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. The blends of all these modalities can help bring to light conditioned thought patterns, energetic blocks and emotional burdens to help clear them. Soul Rejuvenation can reduce stress, anxiety and heavy tension by delivering you a great sense of inner balance, peace and harmony. You will leave the session feeling much lighter, released, healthier and more empowered knowing why.

Green Leaf

Intuitive Guidance Mentoring, is a one on one session which empowers and teaches you cutting edge self developmental skills and techniques. This is also for individuals who are interested in exploring their spiritual journey and personal growth process in a more informal and private setting. My mission is to listen as well as to help you understand and listen to your souls purpose. My responsibility is to serve as a facilitator supporting you in your own self discovery by understanding and encouraging you as well as offering guidance, when needed.The Intuitive Guidance Mentoring Sessions are offered in a package of 3 sessions lasting an hour.