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Monthly Themed Masterclasses

It's a Healed Girl Summer!

Presented by Reiki Master, Sacred Shaman Priestess Julia Jovone

Maintaining a positive wellbeing 365 days of the year can be really hard going. On those days when we’re lost and uninspired, it can be difficult to get back on track without the right support. Designed to educate and empower, the Julia Jovone Wellness Studio offers  online monthly themed workshops in group setting that support your growth. Be guided by a mixture of full services, including reiki healing, energy work, and spiritual life coaching. Book a Masterclass to receive relaxing, hand-picked supplies, with an extra 15% off of other services. 

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Expand Your Horizons

Sign up for one masterclass for $55 or all of them for a total of $333. Receive a Ritual Tea Atelier "Citta" (Mind) Tea with a palo santo, sage and lavender bundle, complete with a selenite wand .

Get 15% off all other energy healing services until January 12, 2023

Balancing Rocks

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