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Approaching each conversation in the name of love and peace, “It’s Just Julia Jovone” is an invigorating and empowering podcast, enveloped with wisdom, and guided by candid conversation dives into life’s journey (with bumps, detours and victories) that will inspire your quest to reach your highest vibrational life. Engage in the conversation, as Julia Jovone turns the pages of her journal to share lessons learned that will help you live a more fearless and meaningful life in an honest dialogue. As a Reiki Master and Sacred Shaman Priestess, Julia Jovone will occasionally offer subscribers complimentary guided meditation sessions to help listeners relax in this safe space she created, just for you. Get ready to walk in the empowered footsteps, destined for you. Tune in to “It’s Just Julia”Coming late summer 2021

"It's Just Julia Jovone"

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